Speak out Against Suicide

Speak Out Against Suicide was developed to eliminate the stigma of suicide and depression. We intend to increase the awareness and create a safe environment in which community members know they are not alone and can feel free to ask for help. To achieve this mission, Speak Out Against Suicide recognizes that suicide prevention is a process involving many community resources. As a group that does not have licensed professionals, Speak Out Against Suicide believes its role within the suicide prevention process works best when volunteers left behind by suicide and other volunteers step forward. 



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Obtained Non-Profit status by the IRS
Increase from 12% (average over 7 years) to 25% student mental health screening consent
Clinton High School has recognized World Mental Health Day October 10th, 2014
Kirk Smally, President of Stand for the Silent spoke to Camanche 5th-12th grade class. Following Kirk's speech over 125 Camanche Middle Grade Students and Camanche High School Students have joined Stand for the Silent Camanche Chapter.


  • Work to eliminate the stigma associated with the topic of suicide prevention and grief support
  • Provide access to information and resources
  • Advocate for programs and services that enhance public awareness, and community service in direct support of those who are lonely, depressed, and suicidal or grieving the loss of someone by suicide and greater mental health services for everyone affected by suicide